Welcome to Maribo Stables!

Maribo Stables has been a long work in progress. I had wanted to get a place where i could keep Gypsy Vanners and some of the norwegian breeds for a long time. I actually started thinking about it in 2007, so it took me almost four years before i started working on it. To begin with, I have hand-picked five Vanners and five Fjords to kick off my herd. They have been chosen for their sweet disposition and working ability. We have very high expectations for them all. I hope you'll join me in this fun and exiting time we have ahead of us!

January of 2012 We are slowly getting closer to our big opening. Our horses have all been moved to our new location, and are thriving! Thank you to Noel for hosting us, and to Tessa and Ashlee for converting our sites and letting us use their spiffy databases! We can't wait to get Maribo fully funtional and start showing our horses!