Welcome to Roundabout Farm!

Roundabout Farm was originally created in May of 2007. Back then our main focus was Welsh sec. B ponies and various sportpony crosses. After some time we got our first Quarter Pony, CZ Pistols White Heat, and from that moment we had found our new breed. Slowly these colorful and hard working ponies started to take over our stable, and in the last months of 2009 we finally decided that we were going to sell off or retire all of our Welshies and sportponies. It was a hard decision to make, but we just didn't have that drive to continue on with them.

Our goal, is to breed healthy, sweethearted and hardworking competitors with lots of cowsense, and gorgeous colors to boot. In that order! We have been graced with three of the most amazing herd sires I've had the pleasure to work with, and amazingly they are all homozygous for cream, and one even is homozygous for champagne in additon. This means that they will always pass cream - and Ashwood Renegade: champagne - onto their offspring.

January of 2012 We are pleased to announce that all our ponies have made the move over to our new location. Thanks to the wonderful Noel for hosting us, and to Tessa and Ashlee for setting us up with databases and all kinds of pretty accesories!

March of 2011 Roundabout Farm was First Runner Up in the Pleasure Farm class of the SAI 2010 Farm of The Year Awards.
We are also pleased to announce this years first foal crop has hit the ground! Five gorgeous fillies, and one amazing colt. The colt was a real treat for us, as we had obtained a breeding to S Caped Crusader (by Batman). He made an excellent cross to Shiny Little Dudette, so this one will definately be staying with us.

January of 2011 We have just finished our new layout, and is fairly pleased with it. Not many graphics for now, but I just can't find the motivation to start it.

SAI 2008 Reserve Show Farm of The Year